Why MAP?

Whole Body Analysis

The number one predictor of an injury is a previous injury! To ensure that each client achieves optimal functioning, we analyze global movements from head-to-toe to ensure due diligence in the assessment phase and to restore normal function. This detailed approach, including patient history, allows me to see what compensatory patterns the patient has developed and to understand whether these movements have contributed to the area of concern. Our primary objective, by treating the person as a whole, is to restore their authentic movement.

Type of treatments

Often physiotherapists are known for their treatment with machines such as ultrasound, or IFC., Based on the results we continue to see and achieve, we focus on hands-on treatments, which we believe decrease pain quicker by resolving not only the symptoms, but also the source of the pain. We utilize manual skills to improve soft tissue (ex: muscle, fascia) flexibility, blood flow and joint mobility, as well as to decrease inflammation and pain. Hands-on therapy can be gentle or more aggressive depending on the type of condition, the phase of healing and the patient’s tolerance. Another modality utilized in some cases and found to be highly effective is acupuncture and dry needling.


To ensure the highest quality and consistency in care, all of the treatments are one-on-one, which ensures the clients return to their full abilities as quickly as possible.

Ergonomic Assessments

We have a great deal of experience and education in the realm of ergonomic assessments and use this knowledge to compliment my understanding of normal functioning. With knowledge of ergonomic standards, we can help our clients achieve a pain free lifestyle in both a home and office environment.