Career Opportunities

Resident or Registered Physiotherapist

Mentorship Program for Recent Grads

If you worked in a more trusting, supportive, and inspiring environment, how would that feel?

If you could learn more directly from someone else’s past mistakes and experience, how would that impact your skills as a Clinician?

Have you considered completing a Mentorship Program as a way to hone your skills as a Physiotherapist, with an established and select client base?

About The Mentorship Program

After 10 years in private practice, Christine Campbell of Move Authentically Physiotherapy launched this program in response to a growing number of hurtles experienced by new physiotherapy graduates. This program is designed to help graduates build on their own strengths and explore their own philosophy of care, through plenty of hands-on and one-on-one coaching. Christine’s approach with her clients and students includes compassion, integrity, and flexibility.

Who’s a Good Fit for the Program?

This position is suitable for recent graduates with a love of both community and manual therapy. Team spirit and an interest in multi-disciplinary care is a must, given that Move Authentically Physiotherapy works alongside other integrative and holistic health professionals at Kingston Integrated Healthcare.

What does this Program Look Like?

  • Established caseload to develop new and existing skills
  • Extended assessment and treatment times with clients in individual treatment rooms
  • One-on-one guidance
  • Competitive compensation rates
  • Flexible work hours and duration of position
  • Electronic medical records, scheduling, and charting
  • Integration and learning opportunities as needed with other healthcare providers

Help us build a team of physiotherapists who encourage and support each other in their efforts to provide optimal and innovative client care, through life-long learning and mentorship.

A position is available immediately, please send your expression of interest to Christine christine@moveauthentically.ca

Ashley Jeon

Former Physiotherapy Resident

The Move Authentically mentorship program has been so helpful! This program has assisted me in my transition from graduating from the Queen’s University, Physical Therapy Program to the working world. I choose the position as it offered a unique program that no other clinics were offering. It was even more beneficial than I expected it to be!


The mentorship program provided an opportunity to freely ask questions and receive feedback, which was invaluable as I started my career.  I received one-on-one in-person mentorship hours on a weekly basis.  During these sessions, we reviewed hands-on skills, discussed current cases, or met with other healthcare providers who were also assisting my patients. Outside of the designated mentorship sessions, I was able to reach out to my mentor for support as I was preparing for the Level 1 – Orthopaedic Exam and Clinical PCE Exam.  Additionally, the mentorship program offered a sense of what it is like to operate a business and work alongside a team of holistic practitioners.

Christine Campbell is an incredible mentor who truly cares about my individual needs and career goals.  She was supportive and provided an open and kind environment that was tailored to assist me with my professional growth.   Observing firsthand Christine’s physiotherapy skills as well as the care that she provides for her patients has been inspirational! After working with Christine for almost a year, I can confidently say that she is the most caring, authentic, and giving mentor I have ever encountered.

Overall, I could not have been happier with my decision to accept the position at Move Authentically Physiotherapy and be a part of the mentorship program with Christine. I am very pleased with the constant support that I have received.  I would highly recommend this position to all graduates of the physical therapy program interested in private practice. I am excited to see this program grow in the future!